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 Tmetal offers prototype and production tooling for Plastic injection molding, die casting and Metal stampimg

  Plastic Molds                                                                                     Casting Mold & Dies                                   Stamping and Punch Dies 
Prototype Mold                                                                             -
die casting mould                                          Single die & Progressive Die
- Single and 2 Shots Injection plastic mold                                         - sand
casting mould
- Insert Overmold                                                                            - lost wax mould
- MUD Quick Change
plastic mold                                                      - Low pressure casting
- Silicone Compression molds

Advantages of Tmetal Mould Making Service

- DFM (design for manufacturability) for all of your project & bring any possible issue (part design issue & mold issue) before mold design & manufacturing.
- Skilled & professional technical English communication with our customers closely
- Over 10 years of experience in mold design, Die Casting mold makingPlasatic Mold Making,Stamping progressive die.
- Always in time feedback to our customers, communication fast like overseas local suppliers
- Full dimension measurement report and function guarantee according to customers requirement & 2D drawing
- Various type of products service including Automotive Plastic Mold / Molding, Home Appliances, Industrial Molds / molding, Medical molds / Molding and more.


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