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Tmetal injection Molding Service Highlights

Tmetal  specialize in high quality precision injection molding and mold making.


Plastic injection molding is by far the industry’s most common way to manufacture parts, especially when making larger quantities.

We provide custom molding for 50 to 100,000+ parts as well as a wide range of other manufacturing and finishing services to complete your production


Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding


 We have thousands of different types of resin are available for you to choose from, for a wide range of mechanical and cosmetic properties.

 Plastic injection molding makes more economic sense for larger volumes.

It is lighter than metal parts, and save you logistic cost. Plastic injection molding normally one shot process, not like metal parts.

 Your part can have excellent surface quality finishes in a wide range of polishes and textures.

 Overmolding or insert molding is available to combine different types of material in one piece.  


Plastic Parts

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